Chimney Waterproofing and Chimney Flashing

Your chimney rises out of your roof like a brick monolithic structure that is insistently being pounded by rain, snow and the temperature swings from the outside environment over the various seasons.

For these two reason – the environment and attachment to the roof – special care should be taken to ensure your chimney remains watertight. 

There are two primary ways to ensure your are properly protecting your chimney, roof, and assets you have in your home. That comes with waterproofing your chimney as it should be. And installing proper flashing as to protect your roof deck. 

A leaking chimney and roof is the last thing your home needs. It damages the structural integrity of your home while promoting the growth on mold and mildew. 

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Chimney Waterproofing

You’ve probably taken a good look at your chimney. You’ve seen it from the inside and you’ve probably ventured outdoors to admire its size and strength. You’ve probably run your hand on it’s outside and felt it’s rough texture. It’s pretty impressive, right?

Up close, really up close, your chimney brick and mortar are really porous materials. They can be penetrated by moisture and cause damage to many parts of your home and the chimney itself.

  • A poorly waterproofed chimney can reek havoc on the entire system.

  • Deteriorating mortar joints. 

  • Cracked flue lining

  • Mold and Mildew growth on the outside and inside of your chimney 

  • Rusted components inside your chimney

  • Water stained walls

The list goes on. Waterproofing is so important that it’s the one thing that needs to be done even if you have absolutely no intention of burning wood in your fireplace. 

What needs to be protected? There are four things on your chimney that needs special care to be protected from the elements. 

1. Your flue. This is covered by a stainless steel or copper chimney cap. 

2. Chimney Crown. This is a slanted concrete cap that that protects the top of the brick and where your flue comes out of the chimney. 

3. Chimney Brick and Mortar. This is your actual chimney. This needs waterproofing. 

4. Flashing. This is waterproofing where the chimney meets the roof.  

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Chimney Flashing

The major challenge with merging a brick chimney with a roof is making sure it is waterproof. The solution that other before us have devised is something called flashing. 

Flashing was born from necessity to protect the chimney and roof from water leaks