Chimney Inspections

Unlike some things that chimney and fireplace owners can moderately accomplish themselves – we are speaking of fireplace cleaning primarily. Chimney Inspections really need to done by licensed and trained professionals. It’s a trained eye that will be able to spot hidden dangers and prevent future problems. Most importantly they will see solutions that are timely and economical.

At Philadelphia Chimney Sweep we have a sharp, trained eye to see the trouble areas in your chimney and provide you safe and economical solutions. 

Philadelphia's Chimney Inspector

There are a few times that a chimney inspection is required, needed and desired. Some of those times you’ll want to call Philadelphia Chimney Sweep for an inspection and other times you’ll get an inspection along with another service. 

Chimney Cleaning and Inspection – This is an inspection that is completed along with your yearly cleaning. This is a visual inspection that looks over you masonry, flue, and chimney cap to name a few things. We’ll make sure your chimney is unobstructed and everything is in working order. 

Home Chimney Inspection – If you are selling your home, or about to purchase one, you’ll want to get a thorough chimney inspection. Chimney inspections are a requirement prior to the sale and transfer of a property. So in most cases a chimney inspection will have been completed. 

If you are selling your home now and haven’t had your chimney professionally inspected it’s best to do it right away. You very likely will not be able to close without an inspection.  

If you are looking to buy a home that has not received a home chimney inspection please have that completely by any means necessary. You may not be able to close on your dream home! 

Unplanned Chimney Inspection – Sometimes we aren’t cleaning our chimney or buying or selling a new home when a chimney inspection is a necessity. You call a chimney inspector when a severe storm has come through Philadelphia and you are concerned that your chimney has sustained damage. Or that walnut tree on the side of the house lost a primary tree branch and hit the chimney, knocking down the chimney cap and all. These unforeseen circumstances are always stressful and unpleasant. But Philadelphia Chimney Sweep has the cool demeanor to come in and fix that problem. 

Time – time affects all things and your chimney is no different. If you haven’t used your fireplace in a very long time, you’re unfamiliar with its history, and don’t know exactly how to work it. It’s best to call in an expert to do thorough evaluation on your fireplace and chimney.          

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This red brick chimney in Philadelphia has recently had a chimney inspection rated in good condition. The background is a blue sky.

Types of Chimney Inspections

There are three levels of chimney inspection – aptly named Level 1, 2, and 3. At Philadelphia Chimney Sweep we have the ability to perform all three levels of chimney inspection.

Level 1. This is your basic inspection. Your inspector will do a visual inspection of your rudimentary parts – flue, tiles, chimney cap, any connectors to make sure thing are functioning as they should. This is the minimum required for a chimney that has regularly been serviced and expects to see the same usage go forward.

This is the type of inspection done during a chimney cleaning. 

Level 2. A level 2 inspection is the type of inspection required when you purchase or sell a home. It’s also the type of inspection required when something has been added or removed from the system by chimney masonry – new liner, inserts, etc. This will very often include a video inspection. 

This is also the type of inspection used after a disasters – chimney fires, earthquakes, major storms and so on.

Level 3. At this level special tools must be used to access the internal structure of a chimney for removal or addition.